Warranty Policy

The warranty policy of www.atec.com.vn will be throughout the process of using the product by customers. So in any condition, in any case, do not hesitate to ask www.atec.com.vn to support after-sales services. We hope to be the leader in this field, giving customers the benefits that you have spent…

Return policy:

During the construction process, it is inevitable to have excess materials such as capacitors, MCCBs, Contactors, socket switches… It is really annoying to return goods for small units because they have already sold them. it’s hard to accept returns but it’s too easy for us. We can do something that few companies can do because we supply nearly 100 customers every day, so it’s really easy to turn the product around. Besides, you know, the power cord or the antenna wire can’t say it’s old. Those products are only considered old when they are rusted, have current running through them… So you can rest assured if you buy from us, but that’s not why you are subjective and don’t calculate carefully. Where is the order quantity? When returning excess goods, we will check very closely and the requirements are also very strict, and to create the most comfortable for you…

Full project warranty policy:

The full project warranty will be applied in case you commit to purchase all electrical equipment used in your project. Full warranty means that all products purchased at www.atecvn.com will be warranted for a period of 12 months. During the warranty period www.atec.com.vn will have 2 visits to your project for the purpose of checking the quality of the products provided by you and giving additional advice for your project to be safer and develop. before the damage needs to be replaced…

Policy to support device testing

Whenever you need us to help you check the safety of electrical equipment or check for unpredictable failures, we are ready… Spending a reasonable cost but you always peace of mind for the quality of life as well as electrical safety, are you ready?

Warranty provisions:

All warranty policies of www.atec.com.vn must comply with the following provisions:

+ The products covered by the warranty are the products: intact in shape when manufactured, not broken, not burned, exploded, short-circuited, overloaded, over-voltage, not soldered, not altered in structure. Original design, not damaged by water, chemicals…

+ Cases not covered by warranty: due to natural disasters, rainstorms, floods, fires, destructive animals, resident insects, or intentional damage by humans…

+ Capacitor: improper operation according to the manufacturer’s regulations will not be warranted

+ Electrical equipment, ACB, MCCB, MCB, Protection relay, APFC: overvoltage, overload, broken, missing screws, paint, mortar, loss or tear of the box will not be covered by the warranty.

+ Reactor coils with mortar, paint, scratched wire cover, black core due to electric shock, loss of delivery note, etc. will not be returned goods;

Excess goods returned will be:

+ Full refund of the selling price if the previous purchase time is less than 10 days;

+ Deduct 10% of the unit price if returned after 10-15 days;

+ Deduct 20% of the unit price if returned after 20 days;

+ After 30 days www.atec.com.vn will not accept returns of excess goods

Note: Returned excess goods are unused products, so they must be products in their original condition, unopened (if there is a box), unused, unheated, etc. Note that you must have chemicals. purchase orders at stores under the system of ATEC Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.