Our Policy

1. Accept the Conditions of Use:

When using the Atec.com.vn Website, you implicitly accept the terms and conditions of use set forth below. For the latest amendments, you should regularly check the “Conditions of Use”. Atec.com.vn reserves the right to change, adjust, add or remove the contents of the “Terms of Use” at any time. If you continue to use the Website after such changes, it means that you have accepted such changes.

2. Information display properties:

a) The Atec.com.vn website is legally owned by ATEC ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED. Target audience is all customers who have a need to buy goods but do not have time to go to the product display location, or because of remote geographical conditions, they cannot directly buy products.

b) Customers participating in the purchase and sale of goods and products at the Atec.com.vn website are free to negotiate on the basis of respecting the legitimate rights and interests of the participating parties and comply with regulations and regulations. of relevant legislation.

c) Goods and products on Atec.com.vn website are not banned from business or advertising as prescribed by law.

d) The purchase and sale of goods on the Atec.com.vn website must be carried out openly and transparently, ensuring the interests of consumers.

– This regulation applies to all customers participating in transactions on the website: www.Atec.com.vn

– All contents in this regulation must comply with the current legal system of Vietnam.

3. Regulations on the rights and obligations of customers:

3.1. Regulations on customers’ accounts and information security interests

3.1.1.Account Regulations

When using Atec.com.vn’s services, customers will provide us with information about email addresses, passwords and personal information to get an account at the website. The use and security of account information is the responsibility and interest of customers when using Atec.com.vn. In addition, other information in the account such as Full name, address, phone …. is the information of the customer to help Atec.com.vn serve customers the best.

In the event that the information provided by the customer is incomplete or incorrect, leading to the fact that we do not have enough grounds to deliver the goods or contact the customer, we have the right to suspend or refuse to serve or deliver the goods without bear any liability to the customer. When there are changes to customer’s personal information, please log in to the system and then update the information in your account at Atec.com.vn. The customer must keep the password and account confidential, and the customer is also fully responsible for all activities that take place through the use of his password or account. Customers should make sure to log out of their Atec.com.vn account after each use to keep their information more secure. In case you suspect that your account has been accessed illegally, you must promptly notify us to prevent it. We do not accept any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for damage or loss caused by your failure to comply with the regulations.

3.1.2. Customer information security benefits

You can rest assured about your information on Atec.com.vn because we give top priority in selling and providing services at the website. When using our services at Atec.com.vn website, customers are assured that the personal information that customers provide to us will only be used to improve the quality of Atec’s customer care services. com and will not be transferred to any other third party for any purpose. Information of customers at Atec.com.vn will be kept confidential by us and only in case required by law, we will provide this information to legal authorities. Please refer to the details of customers’ privacy rights in the Privacy Policy section.

3.2. Rights and obligations of customers when buying goods on Atec.com.vn

a) Customer’s rights

– Access, select and purchase on the website.

– Enjoy the support of the website and other support departments to facilitate the purchase.

– Complaints if there are errors in the purchase and payment.

b). Obligations of the customer

a. Provide all relevant personal information when registering as a member such as: Full name, contact address, email, identity card number, phone, account number, payment card number… , and is responsible for the legality of the above information. The website management board is not responsible for and will not handle all complaints related to the interests of that member if it considers all the personal information of that member provided at the time of initial registration is incorrect. .

b. Customers absolutely do not use any program, tool or other form to interfere with the system or change the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, propagate or promote any activities to interfere, destroy or invade the website system. Any violations will be handled in accordance with the Regulations and provisions of law.

c. Customers will be solely responsible for the security and storage and all activities of using the service under their registered name and password. Members are responsible for promptly notifying the Website of any unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, keeping their registered name and password for the two parties to cooperate in handling.

d. The customer commits that the information provided to the Website and the information uploaded to the Website is accurate and complete (especially information related to the member’s personal information). Members agree to keep and change the information on the Website to be up to date, accurate and complete.

e. Customers commit and agree not to use the Website’s services for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegal information exploration, sabotage, creating and spreading viruses that cause harm. damage to the system, configuration, transmission of information of the Website or use its services for the purpose of sabotage, creating fake orders, including serving to judge market demand. In case of violations, members must be responsible for their actions before the law.

f. Customers commit not to change, modify, assign, copy, distribute, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by the Website to a third party without the consent. of the Website in these Terms.

g. Customers must not act to discredit the Website in any form such as causing disunity among members by using a second registered name, through a third party or propagating and disseminating information. Not beneficial to the reputation of the Website.

3.3 Rights and obligations of Atec.com.vn

a). Rights of the Management Board of the sales e-commerce website Atec.com.vn

– We are allowed to post the Company’s products on the website Atec.com.vn

– At the same time, we do not allow other organizations and individuals to post and promote products at Atec.com.vn website.

– We have the right to change the Terms of Use, privacy policy and other policies… Before changing we will notify users at least 07 days in advance.

b) Obligations of the Management Board of E-commerce Website Atec.com.vn

– Ensure the stability of the website.

– Update fully and timely information on regulations and policies of the website, and goods introduced on the website.

– Ensure that information posted on the website is in accordance with the law, fine customs and traditions; ensure that the goods do not violate the provisions of the law.

– There are detailed regulations and instructions for users on how to buy, return, delivery, payment methods…

4. Disclaimer and Intellectual Property Rights:

4.1.Disclaimer provisions

The information displayed on this website does not come with any warranties or commitments from Atec.com.vn about the suitability of the products and services that the buyer has selected.

Atec.com.vn disclaims responsibility or makes any warranty that the website will be free from operational errors, safety, uninterrupted or accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information displayed.

By accessing this website, you implicitly agree that Atecvn.com, other suppliers, affiliated partners, their employees do not bear any responsibility related to injury, loss, claims, direct or indirect, unforeseen or consequential damages of any kind arising from:

(1) Use the information on this website;

(2) accesses linked from this website;

(3) Register as a member, sign up for e-mail or participate in Atecvn.com’s frequent flyer program.

The above conditions and restrictions are only valid within the current legal framework.

4.2. Intellectual property rights

This website and all content placed and displayed are owned and are the exclusive property of Atec.com.vn and other related suppliers. Any use, citation must not cause damage to Atec.com.vn and must comply with the following conditions:

(1) For personal, non-commercial use only;

(2) copies or citations must retain the copyright mark or other notices of intellectual property rights as shown in the original version; and All content provided on this Website may not be reproduced, displayed, published, disseminated, reported or circulated to anyone, in any way, including on the Website. other independent without the approval of Atec.com.vn

5. Adjustment and modification:

Atec.com.vn reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the operation of this Website at any time.

6. Regulations on the transaction process:

Atecvn.com was built to provide maximum support for customers wishing to purchase goods online. Not only providing full information about products of interest to customers, Atec.com.vn also advises on more product options suitable for customers’ needs, and at the same time provides customers with a list of reliable products. with full information on prices, production units, ingredients, uses, etc., to ensure that customers avoid encountering cases of unsecured purchases, poor quality products, high prices, etc. on the internet. The transaction process at Atec.com.vn is carried out in the following order:

Step 1: Search and refer to product information, of products and information in terms of use, policies provided by Atec.com.vn to select appropriate products and decide to buy products.

Step 2: After choosing the right product, customers leave information or contact the company

Step 3: Based on the information provided by the customer, our staff will contact the customer via email or phone to verify

Step 4: The customer chooses a payment method for the product value (direct payment or payment after receiving the goods) and informs the company’s staff about the payment method.

Step 5: The customer makes the payment according to the selected and notified method. Atecvn.com confirms the payment.

Step 6: The customer receives the product and pays for the goods (if choosing a payment method after receiving the goods)

7. Payment method at Atec.com.vn:

Payment methods when buying goods at Atec.com.vn

When you buy products from Atec.com.vn, you can pay by cash directly at the Company or at the delivery location.

7.1. Payment in cash

a) Direct payment at the Company

Customers please pay directly at the company right after purchasing:

Company headquarters: 204/21 Thong Nhat, Ward 10, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

After payment, the customer will receive the goods according to the agreement of the signed contract

b). Payment at the point of delivery

– You pay the delivery staff all or the rest of the value of the purchased order (if you have paid a deposit)

– If the delivery location is not within the scope of free shipping, we will collect additional shipping costs (with prior notice to the customer).

8. Settlement of complaints and disputes:

– Disputes between the website and the customer during the performance of the contract must be resolved on the basis of the terms of the contract published on the website at the time of signing the contract and relevant laws.

– Dispute settlement must be through negotiation between the parties, conciliation, arbitration or court according to current procedures and regulations on dispute settlement.

– Settlement of complaints and disputes on the website:

Customers need to regularly read and follow the Policies and Regulations posted on the web in order to be able to understand and implement the Policies and Regulations at that time.

During the transaction, if there is any problem in the process of ordering, confirming ticket information or paying. Customers will contact customer support directly for a quick and timely resolution.

When there are any other disputes arising during the transaction on the website, and related parties such as service providers, payment service providers and service users will appoint representatives. participate in the resolution process.

– When there is any customer complaint, please notify the website. Website will verify and resolve complaints within 07 days.

The parties must properly perform their responsibilities, rights and obligations during the dispute settlement process. If damage occurs, the parties will agree together in the spirit of cooperation to find the most reasonable solution. If a general agreement of will cannot be reached during the dispute settlement process, the dispute will be brought to a competent agency for settlement.

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