Services After Sales

With the desire to bring satisfaction to you when buying online at system, there are regulations in case you want to exchange or return goods; to make sure that the products you buy are the most satisfying products.

In case of return or exchange of goods:

– The goods are not the right type and model as you ordered.
– Not enough quantity, not enough set as in the order.
– Defective goods, substandard quality such as inoperability, not guaranteed quality for use, objective damage within the warranty scope of the supplier, manufacturer…

In case of no exchange or return:

– Resend the wrong product, not the one provided by
Violation of the manufacturer’s regulations on use (Using the wrong power source, using the wrong specification, dropping, changing the design structure of the product…)
– Expiry of warranty period or failure to comply with instructions to enjoy the warranty.
– Returned goods that have errors arising from the transportation process from the customer’s place to our warehouse.

Commitment to quality

In order to maintain credibility with customers and for ATEC Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, the system owner, we commit that all goods are 100% genuine, genuine and new.
–  We are not responsible if the goods are lost or damaged during transportation from your place to our Warranty Department.
–  To avoid risks, please check the product before signing, we will not be responsible for product deviations once you have signed for receipt.

Return time

– We support product renewal immediately for customers in the first 02 days after purchasing the product and detecting errors.
– When a customer has a request to return an item, please contact the retail salesperson who sold the product (the salesperson’s name is on the customer’s purchase order), for detailed instructions. details or the customer brings the product directly through our purchased retailer to exchange it.

Return procedure

– Bring all products, boxes, accompanying accessories and gifts attached to the product (if any), warranty paper, delivery note, VAT invoice to the retailer that purchased the goods for exchange procedures. pay.
– In case the goods are delivered in a province outside Ho Chi Minh City, please send the goods to our warehouse.
– The shipping fee for return and exchange service will be paid by you.
– After receiving the goods, ATEC Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., the representative of the Online retail system, will check the product status and respond to you or actively contact you. to solve the problems (if any)
We look forward to continuing to receive your support and suggestions; to further improve service and bring satisfaction.