Power Factor Controller 6 Steps (RS-485)



Product Highlights – NV6s, NV8s, NV14s

True RMS Measurement
Disolacement Power Factor (Cos ?) &
True Power Factor (PF) Info
LED Indication for Individual Step
Auto / Manual Operation
Automatic Detection of C.T. Polarity
Automatic C/K Detection and
Rated Individual Secondary Step Value
Automatic or Preset Switching Programs
Operation Frequency according to Network Frequency
Minimum Operation @ < 1% Load
No Voltage Release Function
secondary Current (I) / Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz) Info
secondary Active Power (W) / Secondary Reactive Power (Var} Info
THD Monitoring for Voltage and Current
Individual Harmonic Spectrum Info up to
15th order for Voltage and Current
Capacitors Utilization Monitoring for Utilization
Hour Run and Switching Count
Programmable Over Voltage & THD-V Alarm
Dedicated Signal Alarm Output for:
– Under/ Over Compensate
– Under/ Over Voltage
– Overload, thd-V Limit High, Frequency Out of Range &
C.1. Polarity Error
Dedicated Exhaust Fan Control